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programming in LINUX

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In my organistion Digital unix is used and in very few computers red hat is used

I want to ask which is better easy and fast to learn x motif or x windows.

qdesign or similar kind of this is used in red hat.

from where i can get good books and good info.

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what do you mean digital unix?  Anyways either motif (built on top of x-window) or bare x-window will give you the very basic tools to develop on. You should instead decide upon some of the available toolkits like gtk+, qt, vxwidgets, etc. They give you the nuts and bolts to build applications faster and with access to themes, etc  and portability between diff platforms like linux/unix, osx and windows. Or you can decide to go on java (if your applications can tolerate a slightly degraded perfomance when compared with what you would get with appliacations written in either c or c++ and compiled) for which theres a miriad of toolkits available as well. 

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