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JVC AV28GT1SUF chassis Vestel 11AK45B5

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L'appareil démarre plusiuers fois de suite (6 à 8 fois) et se met en standby. Les tensions au secondaire de l'alimentation sont correct pendant les moments de démarrage. Dans le chassis 11AK45B5 qui est employer par JVC il y a le IC502, une petite mémoire qui est le responsable. Chez mon grossiste j'ai trouvé facilement la mémoire programmé à €9. Après remplaçement l'appareil fonctionne directement. Mon grossiste parle d'un élément qui tombe beaucoup en panne.



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Did this get translated?


It was partially translated on 21Mar2009.


The television tries to start up 6 at 8 times and goes then to stand-by. The tensions in the secondary of the alimentation are correctly during the start up tries. In the chassis 11AK45B5 that JVC has taken in this model there is a the IC502, a small memory and this is the cause of the failure. By my dealer I found easely the programmated memory for €9. After replacing this memory the television was ready to return to the client. My dealer said this little memory is often the cause of the above described failure.



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