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Vestel power ? problem ?

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you can check p/s out of set , when working correct all o/p on .does not need dummy load or logic from micro to work, very easy to work out of set , the 2 caps top left of picture can be 12n or 15n thease cap go low capacity check them on a capacitor tester NOT ESR one, if p/s is ok on bench to load test it put a 12v 21w carbulb wired across +12v p/s this will load it to 1.75A .If ok , you have another fault not on p/s if you require to know resistance of each of each pin of tv i can tell you,or you would like more help please post. regards dave uk eng.
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Guest henthom

Most of the parts I'll already replaced with the kitt for the 17PW15-8. the television goes only in standby and the fuse doesn't blow. I'm now waiting for the parts Q813 an Q814 and Q837 witch I cant get in the netherlands.......that will take a while to deliver. I'm sure that the Q837 is broken because the power board doesn't go off>on>off>on any more because I disconnect the drain of this one. The only thing I mis now is no power on trafo TR805 on the primary side...... When that will do the trick (replacing Q813 and Q814) I'll lett you know. :good:

Hi My Friend

Let me ease your mind from trouble shooting.replace you micro chip that is your culprit good luck

Henry Thomas

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Guest henthom

QUOTE (citroen23 @ Feb 3 2009, 12:50 PM) When I start it up it is only making a "klikking" noise as off/on>>off/on>>off/on and so on. The sound comes frome the power suply. Can't find a diagram for this type were the voltage points are given. ohmy.gif Mabey some of you got this problem before ???? Oh and standby led doesn't turn on.

(I know it's poor english from a dutchman......... laugh.gif )

I've got a vestel model 2627 with powerboard 17PW15-6 and mainboard 17MB08P.

Check C806 (1000uF/16V) in PSU for low value.

check you tv regulator it can be breaking down uder the load replace it check also your horizontal output transistor,chek if there is a leak from emitter to base or ashor from base to collector

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Guest henthom

Changing the q813 and q814 didn't make any diverence; still no screen and after 5 minutes it goes in standby.

Maybe it's getting time to get an other powerboard. Strange is that I'm messering 400V DC on the points below but

not 400V DC on pin 3 and 5 of trafo 805 help.gif


change your fly back it has a short that is causing you to get 400 vdc below and not at the correct point.good luck

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