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Guest SGH

How to install IC5033 under new linux versions

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Guest sergiu

This tutorial is not writed be me , I have only small contributions to this

1. Check whether the software package "ncompress" is installed by type in rpm q



because the commando uncompress(origionally from Unix, and because of the license problem it is

gradually replace by gzip/gunzip/zcat in the Linux distributions) is required by softload during the

installation process. If the answer is no, install the "ncompress4.2.433.

i386.rpm" package from the

RH9 installation CDROM2.

2. After the ncompress package is installed into the RH9, we can begin with the installation of IC5033.

Run ./SETUP.SH in the IC5033 installation CDROM1. First,choose the installation directory for

cadence software. This directory will be assumed as <install_dir> in the following steps. Cancel the

suggestion to run softload.

3. Get into the directory <install_dir>/install/bin.lnx86, from where the ./softload can be invoked. Open

the the c source code file io_fltr.c, go to line 68.

Change the string "/bin/zcat" to "/usr/bin/uncompress c";

Add a new line of "#define lnx86" above the

line 54 (line 54 is "#ifdef nec_ews"); Add a new line of

"#include <errno.h>" above line 33 (line 33 is "#include <signal.h>"). Save this file. And compile it

with "gcc o

io_fltr io_fltr.c".

4. Locate and open the c source code file of "process_file.c". Editing line 511, by changing it from

"#define PROD_NOS 1280" to "#define PROD_NOS 10000". Save

this file and compile it with "gcc o

process_file process_file.c"

5. Locate and open the file "vld". Locate line 424 and 425, which looks like "sort u

+2 3

$allbundles |

sort n

> $sortallbundles" and "sort u

+2 3


| sort n

> $sortbundles". Delete the string "+2 3"

so that the new lines look like "sort u

$allbundles |

sort n

> $sortallbundles" and "sort u

$bundles |

sort n

> $sortbundles". Save this file.

6. Run ./softload and choose "Load available products" in the first menu.Then the program will prompt

you give the location of installation CD.

7. By the menu "Where is the installation information?", select the fourth option "Cadence catalog".

Decide which products you would like to install. Install

plese only the products, for which you have or will have licenses. If your CDROMs are not corrupted,

you'll get the products installed(I have tried many times on

my own computer, it works quite well).

8. Configure the licenses. Go into the directory of "<install_dir>/share/license". Run ./configure and do

whatever is asked you to do.

9. Configure user terminal preference. As an example for bash, the preference

file which located at ./.bashrc should look like:




export CDS_LIC_FILE=$CDS_ROOT/share/license/license.EQUALIZER



export CDS_Netlisting_Node Analog

10. Configure Bind key. Copy all the file in directory

<install_dir>/tools/dfII/sample/local to <install_dir>/tools/dfII/local, and

rename the cdsinit to .cdsinit

11. start cadence by typing icfb& in the bash terminal.

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