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Spectre Circuit Simulator Device Model

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Spectre Circuit Simulator Device Model Equations


This manual assumes that you are familiar with the development, design, and simulation of

integrated circuits and that you have some familiarity with SPICE simulation. It contains

information about the Spectre® circuit simulator.

Spectre is an advanced circuit simulator that simulates analog and digital circuits at the

differential equation level. The simulator uses improved algorithms that offer increased

simulation speed and greatly improved convergence characteristics over SPICE. Besides the

basic capabilities, the Spectre circuit simulator provides significant additional capabilities over

SPICE. SpectreHDL (Spectre High-Level Description Language) and Verilog®-A use

functional description text files (modules) to model the behavior of electrical circuits and other

systems. SpectreRF adds several new analyses that support the efficient calculation of the

operating point, transfer function, noise, and distortion of common RF and communication

circuits, such as mixers, oscillators, sample holds, and switched-capacitor filters.


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