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Integrated Circuit Suppliers PC87383 datasheet

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Guest jojolucky

Legacy-Reduced SuperI/O with Fast Infrared Port, Serial Port, Parallel Port and GPIOs for Portable Applications

PC87383 General Description

The PC87383, a member of the National Semiconductor LPC SuperI/O family, is targeted for a wide range of portable applications. The PC87383 is PC2001 and ACPI compliant,and features Fast Infrared port (FIR, IrDA 1.1 compliant), Serial Port, Parallel Port and General-Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) support for a total of 21 ports.

Outstanding Features

LPC bus interface, based on Intel’s LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1, August 2002 (supports CLKRUN and LPCPD signals)

Fast Infrared port

PC2001 and ACPI Revision 2.0 compliant

Serial IRQ support (15 options)

Protection features, including GPIO lock and pin con- figuration lock

21 GPIO ports, including 14 with “assert IRQ” capability

XOR Tree and TRI-STATE device pins (or ICT) testability modes.

5V tolerant and back-drive protected pins (except LPC bus pins)

64-pin TQFP package

PC87383 datasheet and PDF download ChinaICMart

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