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Guest zxy888

Electronics compoments-PC816Series

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Guest zxy888

Electronics compoments data for share.

Electronics compoments-PC816Series

High collector-emitter Voltage, High density mounting type photocoupler

Density Mounting Type Photocoupler

PC816 Features

1. High collector-emitter voltage (V CEO : 70V)

2. Compact dual-in-line package

PC816 : l-channel type

PC826 : 2-channel type

PC846 : 4-channel type

3. High isolation voltage between input and

output (V[s[) : 5 Ooov!m.)

4. Current transfer ratio

(CTR : MIN. 50% at I~=5mA, VCL=51

5. Recognized by UL, file No. E64380


1. Programmable controllers, computers

2. System appliances, measuring instruments

3. Signal transmission between circuits of different potentials and impedances

Outline Dimensions

--The first three figures

Absolute Maximum Ratings

--one figure

*1 Pulse width S≤100 ps, Duty ratio= ().()()1

*2 40 to 60%RH, AC for 1 minute

*3 For 10 seconds

Elactro-optical Characteristic

--one figure

*4 Classification table of current

transfer ratio is shown below.

--the last four figures

For all share. Hope it useful.

More tech. information of PC816 or other detailed desc.

May this site will be helpful


Or else any problem, welcome to point out and discussion.




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