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Altium 10 vs Orcad 16.30

Altium 10 vs Orcad16.3  

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  1. 1. I like :

    • Orcad 16.3
    • Altium 9
    • Altium10
    • Pads
    • other

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Is there anyone that knows when Altium10 will be released ?

I saw some nice feature and I want to switch from ORcad to Altium but I have to try the trial first since the version 9 is pretty full of bugs

http://ad10.altium.com/ here is just the presentation but nothing about release date

What do you think it worth to switch from Orcad 16.3 to Altium ? except will save some money :)

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Guest pavel77

No, ORCAD is a way better software than Altium in my opinion and I have used both of them. Besides being able to handle bigger multi-layer designs better than Altium; ORCAD also gives you a lot of options for your output gerber file making it compatible with almost all PCB machines. Also, they tend to keep their release date to themselves mostly, hopfully it’ll come out soon. I’ll try it and keep you posted..

pcb assembly toronto

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