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Guest sartana

Servo Control with Pic18F4431

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Guest sartana

Hi, I'm new in this forum,

In a scool project I've used a Microchip Pic18f4431 to control Servo motor and the speed regulator for a RC Vehicle.

The Pic can handle a low freq. PWM (50Hz, 1ms high state out) and can acquire demodulated radio signals coming from radio rx (Power PWM / Input Capture modules, operating on side the main pic program).

There is a Quadrature encoder for measuring engine RPMs...

The Pic18f4431 is a Dip40, but there is a reduced version (Pic18f2431).

Like most 18f pics, Low voltage programming is default enabled, with a Art2003 programmer can be programmed first time with a Rs232 bootloader.

The C18 Library is not excellent for manage some peripherals (IE USART/PPWM/IC/QEI), but reading each section, isn't hard to set the working configuration.

Very interesting productscool.gif !


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