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  1. The entire Apple Service Manual category along with the manuals listed above is still missing from the listing so none of the above noted files can even be known to exist to members searching the manuals collection. I originally downloaded the list hoping to add some later manuals without duplication but now there isn't even a place to put them. Please add them back from your archive.
  2. JackJ

    Mac os on netbook

    Even though the Acer and HP Netbooks use Intel processors, like the newer Macs, they don't have the ability to recognize and use the Mac operating system. All it would do is sit there taking up space. To use the Mac operating system for a computer designed for Windows "translation" software must be used and I don't know of any that exist. To run Windows on a Mac you need either Boot Camp, which is supplied with every new Mac OS and lets you boot up into EITHER the Mac OR Windows operating systems, or purchase Parallels, which allows running both the Mac and Windows simultaneously.
  3. Is there a reason that almost all of the Apple Macintosh service manuals were removed from the manuals library? I was going to upload some and checked to see what was needed and found that virtually everything had been removed! Whst goes on here? Jack
  4. The following files seem to have disappeared since I last checked: File Name Rating Downloads AddedOn/Developer Apple Service ManualsEmac.pdf.zip NoVotes 35 Aug30, 2006 Apple Service Manuals IbookDualusb.pdf.zip NoVotes 13 Aug30, 2006 Apple Service Manuals ImacEarly 2001.pdf.zip NoVotes 7 Aug30, 2006 Apple Service Manuals ImacUsb2.pdf.zip NoVotes 11 Aug30, 2006 Apple Service ManualsPerforma 6200, 6300 Series.pdf.zip NoVotes 8 Aug30, 200
  5. Without a computer it is very difficult to determine if a modem is working, and just about impossible to tell if an internal modem is working. If you have an external modem, and IF you could find a repair manual for the modem, you could check the various voltages and that would give some idea. Unfortunately I have only seen ONE repair manual for a modem in the past 30 years (and that was 29 years ago). If, however, you have two computers with modems, they can be checked without a phone line by connecting the modems together. We used to do this in the days before networks existed.
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