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  1. I will suggest to first just connect two computers directly and try transferring files between them
  2. just saw your length requirements again for any kind of ethernet LAN Card you can have upto 100 mtrs distance but for 200 mtrs you may need a hub or switch see the below link for details http://www.comptechdoc.org/independent/net...hwethernet.html
  3. No if you just want to connect two computers then you dont need a lan switch or hub You will just need one lan card for each computer and a "Cross Cable" type LAN Cable
  4. Check out the application notes section of Analog devices http://www.analog.com/en/prod/0,2877,ADUC824,00.html the one application note on interfacing UART to PC might be helpful for you
  5. Serial Communication wont work it has limitation of length LAN connection is a better idea just get a lan switch and lan card for each computer then configure them as a network
  6. Why you are having problem with upload limit size? You can have higher upload size limit even with normal http upload. let me know the exact issue may be I can help
  7. it all depends on the functionality you want from your microcontroller like number of digital inputs and outputs analog channels special functions like SCI, I2C, CAN programming methods so to select a microcontroller you first need to layout your requirements and then check which microcontroller fits your need then depending on the avaibility and cost you should use one of those microcontrolelrs
  8. link is still having probs gives 404 error
  9. Today only one of my website member added the link for linux http://www.icesociety.org/Web_Links-index-...ink-cid-16.html
  10. which linux distribution you want to download?
  11. check for linux called "Ubuntu" its kinda compact version of linuxes I have use. Also check for topologilinux or colinux in this u can install linux with windows and get acquainted with linux (you dont need seperate partitions for both)
  12. Hi Check out ur link at this location - http://www.icesociety.org/Web_Links-index-...link-cid-5.html Also let me know if you are interested in banner exchange If you need any help with this site let me know Can help in developing/moderating etc...
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