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  1. File Name: Plasma CH-F34B Model-HPT4254 & HPT5054 File Submitter: Vgama File Submitted: 25 Mar 2014 File Category: Samsung Service Manual Plasma Samsung CH- F34B Model-HPT4254 & HPT5054
  2. 6 downloads

    Service Manual Plasma Samsung CH- F34B Model-HPT4254 & HPT5054
  3. I 2slow Check the resistors on the picture tube base panel, because some could be higher value than normal Good luck Vgama
  4. Hello Splat On the attachment is what i think you intend to do If correct my opinion isn´t safe to do it This kind of equipment isn´t a batery With bateries we can do it safelly, putting two in series to obtain the 24v With this kind of equipment is diferent and dangerous for the LCD Remenber that they are stablised on their output, and the circuit responsable for the stablisation is going to be influenced by the other power supply, when you put them in series. I sugest you by a new one or follow my second opinion on the attachement, however i thing it will cost you more. For now that´s all i can help you in this problem Sorry for my pour english, Best regards Vgama
  5. Hello Ray Burgos In my opinion you have a problem on the Power Supply Has i don´t have the the complet schematic of your equipment, i send you the block diagram. I hope this can give you a little help Best regards Vgama Block Diagram from Toshiba - 51H93.pdf
  6. Hello Splat I just make a search about your equipment, and find the manufactor of your ac/dc power supply --- 24V-12V-Adapter-YHi-090-02180-I3 --- (Manufacter - Part number) Has you said it costs $150, i find two places where you can bye it cheapper than that: _http://azsurplus.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=2680 - $75 _http://cgi.ebay.com/24V-12V-Adapter-YHi-090-02180-I3-LCD-Flat-Panel-TV-/330479997018 - $97 The other solution you propose probably costs you more, because you can´t use any of the ac/dc you have (out put higher than the stabilised 12v. So you will need two ac/dc - one for 24V - 6A and another for the 12V - 3A. You can also try to find out another two in one ac/dc power supply of another manufactor but i think it will be dificult to find and more expensive. For now that´s all what i can do to help you Best regards and good luck Vgama
  7. Hello stuartext 1953 Can you be more specific about those resistores - ID Best regards Vgama
  8. Hello Splat I understand your problem but to help you, i will need the brand and model of the lcd Best regards Vgama
  9. File Name: JVC AV-21MF11 File Submitter: Vgama File Submitted: 16 Feb 2010 File Category: JVC Hi I hoppe, you will find it useful Best regards Vgama
  10. File Name: JVC AV-21MF11 File Submitter: Vgama File Submitted: 16 Feb 2010 File Category: JVC Hi I hoppe, you will find it useful Best regards Vgama
  11. Hi p-reece I hoppe this manual could help you. It´s not the same you want but is the only I could found from that manufacter Best regards Vgama Funai_Sylvania - 6427TD.pdf
  12. Hi p_reece Can you be more specific about that equipment I mean - Is that a tv , video, hifi? Best regards Vgama
  13. Hi paulrau Check if is this what you are looking for best regards Vgama smps samsung.pdf
  14. You can fid it here - Second edition - http://rapidshare.com/files/210407052/Logic_and_Computer_Design_Fundamentals__2nd_Ed._by_Mano___Kime__www.solutionmanual.net_.pdf Third edition - http://rapidshare.com/files/210409723/Logic_and_Computer_Design_Fundamentals__3rd_Ed._by_Mano___Kime__www.solutionmanual.net_.rar Forth edition - http://rapidshare.com/files/210417068/Logic_and_Computer_Design_Fundamentals__4th_Ed._by_Mano___Kime__www.solutionmanual.net_.rar If you want it in images - http://rapidshare.com/files/60497142/Mano_Kime_-_Logic_and_Computer_Design_Fundamentals_3e.rar
  15. Hello doccbst After some reserch, i suppose discover the manual for Ilo PDP4210EA1 - CIWP4206 Has you already said, it´s used by several manufacters - Akai, Funai etc I hoppe this can help you. Best Reggards Vgama CIWP4206(L0701CB1.rar
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