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  1. http://rapidshare.com/files/342042026/rb.rar 11 robotics books size Name 1. 21,965,726 Ten Cool LEGO MINDSTORMS Ultimate Buider Projects - 1931836604.pdf 2. 1,869,979 Build A Remote-Controlled Robot - 0071385436 [McGraw-Hill & TAB Electronics] (David R. Shircliff).pdf 3. 11,349,524 Embedded Robotics.pdf 4. 4,406,868 P.E.Sandin - Robot mechanisms and mechanical devices illustrated.pdf 5. 11,499,562 Robot Builders Bonanza.pdf 6. 12,075,342 Robot builders cookbook.pdf 7. 56,776,486 Robot Builders Source Book 0071416919.pdf
  2. I know its not ethical.. but its exciting... my problem is different that code cann't be studied... but ok my job is over i have done similar thing using 89sxx thanx for reply
  3. I have deleted all the posts in which i have given links to magazines and books.. because recently i got a mail from EPE magazine dean to stop all this activity or they will take a legal action.. so i have stop all such activities of providing links of magazine... I was not uploading those magazines i was just searching those links and posting to fourms.. but now i have to stop this activity.. Sorry for inconvience...
  4. One new topic came in mind to be added to forum. "Whats NEW in Electromaniacs" what about this suggestion i want your feedback.
  5. go to root folder for other usefull stuff site is slow don't abuse site
  6. try this - rf - microwave/
  7. It will be lot easier if you use ultrasonic for distance measuring. why you want to use IR for that.
  8. In my organistion Digital unix is used and in very few computers red hat is used I want to ask which is better easy and fast to learn x motif or x windows. qdesign or similar kind of this is used in red hat. from where i can get good books and good info.
  9. Can you provide me some links to find good job in that countries.
  10. when i read pdf file or work in ms office or C. it doesnot restart, but it restarts when i see a moive in windows media player, or run any flash files. In short while running some program or games it restarts even that is not always. some times it restarts when burning CDs. I have tested my RAM using memtest software and i have also changed my power supply. so any body else have seen such problems, is it processor or motherboard.
  11. Thank you. Only few formalities are reminaing, like medical test, character certificate etc. Then its all done. I will work hard there and gain glory for my country.
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