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  1. Can any body sheed any light on this problem;all power to the DVD unit is OK and no ripple on the 5volt and 12Volt lines. I have swapped over the DVD unit with a known good one and still will not start. The VCR loads and ejects OK but nothing happends with the DVD and the front showing "Wait"
  2. Hi has any body got a service manual for this or equivalent sat receiver low LNB voltage
  3. Hi there just in case you have not got a cable for the DVD drive;I also had to get one and I ended up going to China were they make most of the cables. If you require one reply to this post as I have got some spare at £5 each
  4. Service manual sony_HCD-MD333_service_manual.pdf
  5. Hi one and all, does any body have a service manual for the Panasonic DMREZ47V,m I require the ribbon cable that fits in the DVD laser head which is marked E41447-SCH 80C 60V. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Hi one and all, does any body know how to force this set into the Digital mode?. I select Digital and then start tuning and nothing happens,when entering the service mode the digital tuner is not shown and can not select the type that the set uses. Works OK on analogue and as a monitor. The service manual wopuld help please?
  7. Well folks I have come across this model with the complaint of"When switching on in the morning takes a long time to show any thing" After looking at the power supply I changed 3 1000/35 and 2 4700/6.5 the last two looked OK as the others all shown bulging,so check the caps in the stand-by section
  8. Hi does any body know what chassis this set uses or even better has any body got the service manual,its a new set just over 14 months old,or if any body knows why it powers up and then shuts down the voltages are "clean" no hum and read correctly,when using a scart lead to another set no video just a green cast,any ideas please?
  9. Hi does any body have schematics for a VISTA VCP9132/CM or some where I can get one from. Many thanks videoman
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