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  1. There is an issue that we are working to fix. This has been caused by the forum script upgrade. We will announce when the fix will be implemented
  2. Our board received a new upgrade and after a long period we have the board functional. Please report if you encounter any problem .
  3. Because of security issues we have been forced to close the main website. The CMS will be updated and website will be started from scratch.
  4. Downloads system is working now . Thanks to Invision support !
  5. Download system is not working after upgrade! We are working to fix this or we will go back the old version !
  6. Hi all, We are running a major update of the board platform. Downtime and possible inaccessible features are expected. For the moment the login is based on the USER NAME not on the email. Passwords remains the same We will come with news once update is complete. Thanks for understanding.
  7. By now we've been able to inform ~6000 users about their inactive status. However we received 4 spam complains . This is not bad at all but we will remove any spam complain user since nobody has been forced to register here
  8. Search is not working for the moment . We are working to see why Sorry for this inconvenient .
  9. feel free to upload it on the Download database
  10. The size of the members database become huge in the last years. Since inactive members add no gain on the activity of the board we decided to remove inactive members. On the first step will be removed all 500days inactive members . Second step will be to inform 360days inactive members and to move them to inactive members group . Users that are going to inactive group will be automatically moved back on Members group if they will do a post or create a new topic. However if inactive member will not create a topic/task/post in 60days they will be automatically deleted .
  11. We initiate the electromaniacs.com registrar transfer. That means we will use another domain registrar. Because of the DNS changes we expect to have 1-2 days downtime. Forum will updated during this time.
  12. admin

    Hi Folks

    welcome on board
  13. dude , there are illegal files ?
  14. hi can you please give me the payment details on a private message ? I haven't found any payment from your email address.
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