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  1. Hello First of all I thank the friend 220107 for the tip. I already have the problem resolved, the D505 was broken in line control of protection. Best regards. João Soares
  2. Hi Dear colleagues, I have a tv Panasonic TX32PM11F with three blinks. Does somebody have a code blinks for this model. Best regards João Soares
  3. Hello Good morning everyone. I have a slim tv CW21Z503NLXXEC who works a few minutes and then becomes standby, when I try to take it off the standby light but not boots. I have noticed that this situation does not have the 3.2 V on pin 6 of processor, which is the output of power, the 90 pin VDDA get around 0.5 V and the pin with 21 DECDIG is 0.8 V. We also noticed that when this becomes standby there is no change in geometry, video, color or sound. I just think that the IC to vertical very warm. To return to get started with it I have to unsolder the pin 21 and resolder. This works a few minutes and return to it. The processor is the TDA12025PQ/N1F80 and has a label affixed that says T-NARPEU-1709.0, the processor manufacturer NXP.Pedi a new part: AA09 - 00503A, which I sent it to the manufacturer Philips. With this the tv never has the voltage of power. Will any of my colleagues can be helpful in resolving this failure since this is the first chassis S16C I see. Now here are my thanks. Cumprimentos. Joao Soares
  4. Your tv chassis is AA-2D and you can found a service manual in this place http://www.eserviceinfo.com/index.php?. take atencion how many times the led blinks, it is a code. Salut Joao Soares what=search2
  5. Hi I have in my workshop a monitor sony 11ES with a problema I never saw. Anybody have some tips about trembling pictures ( fronte - back - fronte ). best regards Joao Soares
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