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  1. Hello electromaniacs follow the link in the foot and enjoyce...: https://sites.google.com/site/precisionaudiotv/Home
  2. Hello friends, in this site you find some Linux applications for electronics; the format is Slitaz Linux "tazpkg", but it's only another form of call a tar.lzma archive type... Best regards ! https://sites.google...ionaudiotv/Home
  3. Greetings Friends, like the title prays it is an executable autoinstall (you should already have installed the excellent freeware Ltspice) or the low ones and you install from this connection: http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/ltspice.jsp'>http://www.linear.com/designtools/software/ltspice.jsp If you want to lower the bookstores of LTC or some other program this it is the connection for it: http://www.linear.com/designtools/software / Once installed you can already download the addendum of thousands of libs and circuits from here: http://www.4shared.com/file/163183006/34e335f6/LtSpiceIV_Plus_12_2009.html If you want to know some details about the content of the compilation, then visit my personal page and reads this: https://sites.google.com/site/precisionaudiotv/Home To conclude I count that this package runs in Windows, and in Linux with Wine.... I Hope enjoy it and know how to take advantage... Greetings!
  4. Cordially from Salta "the beautiful", Roberto Hugo Rodríguez Zubieta.

  5. Ok, I try to upload the archive of service manual but I can't do it, the next message appears when I try to upload: Error You aren't permitted to upload this kind of file The file in question is an djvu archive with a size of about 1 Mb... What is wrong ? Thanks in advance...
  6. Hello, the information that you find in the link that I provide is maybe good for your purposes on the venerable one 8086... Greetings! http://www.4shared.com/account/dir/4972447/2a75b3b8/sharing.html?rnd=3 You should download the seven files whose name begins with 8086...
  7. Of agreement Mr. administrator, I want to upload in this section the sevice manual of the knitting automatic machine Passap E-6000... The same one is in Spanish and it embraces all the aspects for the maintenance and repair of computerized weaver; there is scanned all the pertinent information and I gathered it in a single file djvu that I wait it is of utility for those who face the service and / or the automation of these ingenius...
  8. Hello the link about Spice models from National Semiconductor, don't work... it's obsolete... New aproach to the information is here: http://www.national.com/analog/models And inside this page try: http://www.national.com/analog/amplifiers/spice_models http://www.national.com/models/spice/LM/LME49860.zip Best regards.
  9. Hello, maybe this link solve the problem: Best regards...
  10. Hello, to all, I believe that the title of this topic should be so much in English, like in Spanish, since many Spanish-speaking they should not still know about that it is this voting... From already thank you!
  11. Hello, I'm interested in collaborate with this comunity, but I think that this work, in my case be most positive if you permit the creation of a subforum in spanish...from now very thanks !
  12. Hello, from Argentina; an essential description about the pinout and the programation of the ISA bus is provided by the attachment document, best regards! isaBus.zip
  13. Hello Sergiu! I'm writing this note from Argentina, so my apologies for my "Tarzanic english"; in the attachment of this note you will find some models and test circuits for the SG1524 and SG1525...best regards... 1524_1525.zip
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