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Amplifier USA900 schematic ViXweopPj

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Amplifier USA900 schematic

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I was fortunate in that I had a lot of old trnrafosmers to experiment with WITHOUT having data on them so I had to learn to figure out what they were by testing. That was invaluable experience. Generally, with a sine wave generator and a DMM you can figure out 99% of trnrafosmers as to intended function and the necessary specs. Power throughput is generally a matter of weight, then you test for temperature rise to see if it's what you need in terms of capacity. But it's a lot of fun to read the manuals too-as long as you understand they were trying to sell trnrafosmers! Ed Romney in his Fixing Up Nice Old Radios has some very useful catalog excerpts and comments. He is dead and I believe his widow is as well, now. I hope someone reprints his books. http://yeetbimhw.com gnwxmkpin [link=http://eopsuvebgtw.com]eopsuvebgtw[/link]

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